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Important Changes/Regulations

Beginning April 1, 2023, the Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program will no longer issue physical IDs OR accept paper applications. All applications and patient cards will be available within the patient portal. This portal must be created by each patient using an email address. We understand patients may not have an email or savoy on a smartphone, We do offer patient portal support and will provide services for medical card prints to those who prefer a physical medical card. 

Medical Card Benefits in new Mexico

New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patient Portal 

Online video Medical Card appointments in New Mexico

Virtual Medical

No need to travel to the city or leave your home. Request your virtual visit using your smart device or computer. 

In person medical card appointments in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In Office 

Prefer an in person visit? no problem, Canna Connection offers appointments in Albuquerque.

Medical Card Benefits?
 Along with the many benefits of medicating with cannabis, in NM medical card holders receive the following benefits:


NO TAXES. Medical Card holders pay 20% less than recreational users. Card holders are tax exempted from the Cannabis Excise tax and NM GRT!


Access to higher dosed cannabis products. 


Minor Access- If you are under 21, a medical reason is required to legally access cannabis.


Some Job protections and stay compliant with conditions of release, i.e.. probation. Note this may not apply to must jobs or conditions of release. 


Medical recommendations on methods of use and dosing medical cannabis with medical oversight.

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