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Thank you for taking the time to view our story. As the owner and founder of Canna Connection, I am a proud New Mexican, raised in Las Cruces, NM. My start in our industry came in 2011 with Albuquerque Integrative Medicine(AIM) as the managing director of patient services. During my time with AIM, we connected thousands of patients with pro-cannabis providers and resources for patients interested in obtaining their medical cards. I am honored to remain a consistent and reliable ancillary business for the Medical Cannabis Program with Canna Connection. As an advocate for cannabis, my mission is to continue to offer  support and education to the cannabis community of NM.  The addition of legalization for Adult Use in the spring of 2023, has certainly put a spotlight on the industry.  The "Green Rush," has certainly  highlighted, the medicinal benefits of cannabis while increasing the demand for patients and those participating in the Adult Use market. Along with the increase of demand,  those of us who have grown  with the industry understand  the importance of preserving the medical program while supporting patients whom utilize the medical protections. Keeping up with NM State regulations set by the New Mexico Department of  Health, our services provide patients, caregivers and medical providers the fast track for navigating the State of NM Medical Program. Wither its finding an alternative to western medication or simply your preference in treatment, Canna Connection's  professional services provide a wealth of knowledge on not only the use of cannabis and its benefits but in the ever changing Department of Health regulations and laws.     Our mission is to continue our reliable services , build with the patients needs and excel in our commitment to you, the cannabis patient. Our greatest accomplishment is guiding you on your journey with natural medicine. Thank you for considering our group of professionals, It would be our delight to assist you on your wellness journey.  Amanda Fratzola 
Cannabis Advocate/Owner Canna Connection

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